Cover Story: Data-Driven Developments-Behind The Scenes

This article first appeared in City & Country, The Edge Malaysia Weekly, on December 30, 2019 - January 05, 2020.

Pictures by Kenny Yap / The Edge

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It is often said that the young are restless and tend to rush into things without much thought or forward planning. But that cannot be said of these eight individuals who have risen to their respective managerial positions where their views and decisions impact the performance of their companies.

Whatever the perception, these young individuals have taken on the challenge of overseeing projects, visiting construction sites, handling negotiations, sitting in on meetings and much more, which have and will prepare them to lead their organisations to new frontiers.

With a new generation of potential homebuyers — the millennials — being one of the largest demographics in Malaysia, these developers are equipped to provide insights into their peer group and offer new ideas for the Malaysian property industry.

Reading their comments, you will find that they believe data-driven developments are crucial to create homes that meet the demands of the homebuyer while ensuring housing supply is better managed.

It was no easy feat to gather everyone together for this photo shoot but, thankfully, seven of the eight millennial developers were able to attend. Naza TTDI group managing director Faliq Nasimuddin was unable to join the group photo shoot.

We thank APW Bangsar for allowing us to invade their office and premises for the photography session.

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