RHB Premier Leads The Future Of Mobile Banking

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The global race to banking mobilisation is underway and leading banks are working earnestly to shift to a mobile-first approach. In line with this, RHB Bank Bhd is taking the leap forward with its exclusive RHB Now Mobile Banking Application that is tailored for RHB Premier customers.

RHB Premier, an exclusive banking privilege for affluent customers, provides innovative financial opportunities to achieve one’s financial goals.

According to the PwC Global Data and Analytics Survey, more than 60% of bank executives considered digitisation a high priority while 94% remarked on the importance of a bank’s digital omnichannel presence for customer retention.

Mobility is redefining the multichannel customer experience for the digital banking era. Agility and continuous innovation will be critical for the future of online and mobile banking, and RHB Premier is taking the lead in providing a comprehensive and feature rich mobile application to fulfil its customers’ needs.

A 2015 study by Bain & Company reveals that the key determinant for customer loyalty in banks is convenience.

How RHB Premier gets it right

With the improved RHB Now Mobile Banking Application, RHB Premier customers can enjoy an enhanced and unparalleled mobile experience.

Premier customers can access the enhanced RHB Now Mobile Banking App by simply logging on to the RHB Now login page to view the enhanced features that are exclusively reserved for them, with a new and upgraded user interface and superior Premier branding.

These enhancements have been put in place to allow customers to conveniently access up-to-date market information and facilitate meaningful engagement between RHB and Premier customers.