Two-term limit for PM and state chiefs in the works

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KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 18): Malaysia is set to limit the term for the Prime Minister, chief minister and menteri besar to two terms in a bid to curb possible power abuse and corruption, according to the Mid-term Review of the 11th Malaysia Plan 2016-2020 report.

“The excessive concentration of power in the Prime Minister before this has had a negative repercussion on the nation and has contributed to trust deficit among the rakyat,” said the report.

“Realising the negative effects of power concentration, efforts will be undertaken to limit the term of office for the Prime Minister, Chief Minister and Menteri Besar for two terms to curb possible power abuse and corruption,” it added.

On top of that, the government also looking to enforce mandatory job rotation for public servants who holding sensitive posts to avoid and reduce tendency for corrupt practices.