Timeless glamour

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THE exquisite designs of the Serpenti line are iconic to Bulgari and this year, the latest collection debuted at the Design Week in Milan with some playful and daring designs. The inspiration behind the collection is oft-associated with the Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra, and the elegant form of a snaking serpent is vividly present in all the pieces. The Serpenti design has been an important member of the Bulgari family since the 1940s, evolving over the decades and through the portrayal of different styles and interpretations of the serpent. 

Earlier this month, Bulgari organised an exclusive preview of the Serpenti and Diva collections at Westin Kuala Lumpur, showcasing a selection of high and medium-high jewellery pieces. Asha Langdown, Bulgari’s marketing and communication director for Southeast Asia and India conducted a brief presentation at the preview, stating that “Bulgari’s design heroes the gemstone and this is done by ensuring that the stones remain at the forefront,” before describing some of the individual pieces.

The watch from the Serpenti Heritage collection coils elegantly around the wrist of the wearer when the face of the watch is not exposed, doubling as a bracelet. Another signature piece is a bold high jewellery necklace, which epitomises versatility as it is versatile enough to be worn sideways, caressing the shoulder of the wearer, or even backwards, if one so desires. 

The Serpenti Tubogas is the latest addition to the collection, featuring clean lines and brilliant stones that shine against the feminine pink-gold backdrop. The necklace is one of the main Tubogas pieces with a pink-gold serpent and 3.2 carats of pavé diamonds on its head and tail. 

Serpenti pieces are not limited to jewellery and timepieces, as they also include clutches that are bound to be conversation starters owing to their exquisite designs with the omnipresent serpent motif.

The Diva collection, on the other hand, is influenced by the multi-hued mosaics found on the decadent ancient Roman baths and the design process cleverly manipulates multi-coloured gemstones through creative arrangements and a play of colours. It is a tribute to the original Diva collection that debuted in 2013 as well as the many real-life divas who have been true supporters of the brand — the beautiful and elegant Elizabeth Taylor, for instance, who was famously passionate about Bulgari and its designs during her lifetime. 

This is apparent in some of the drop earrings that interestingly use different types of gems as the large drop on either side, instead of keeping to a particular pattern. As for the Diva watches, various gemstones are put together to create a rainbow-coloured frame, and although the collection depicts the colourful vivacity of amethyst, peridot and rubellite, it also offers customers colourless options that feature clusters of pave diamonds or pearls on white gold, playing with their sizes and arrangements instead. 

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Both the Serpenti and Diva collections highlighted at the preview see the Italian luxury designer taking a fun and flexible approach with some of the iconic pieces, yet doing so while staying true to the timeless glamour and grandeur for which Bulgari is well known and universally loved. 

The high jewellery from the Serpenti and Diva collections will be available for viewing at the Bulgari Boutique at Suria KLCC till this Thursday. 


This article first appeared in The Edge Financial Daily, on June 16, 2015.