Singapore added to Credit Suisse's preferred markets as 'the place to be' for equity investors

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SINGAPORE (July 10): Credit Suisse says the Singapore market is the “place to be” for investors, given it is trading at favourable valuations, offers a blend of cyclical exposure and is a beneficiary of higher interest rates.

At present, the Singapore market has a 12-month forward P/E ratio of 12.4 times which is below the 10-year average of 13.3 times, thanks to the recent pullback.

“Rising interest rates and higher oil prices are driving a rebound in earnings growth (15% in 2018),” notes Credit Suisse in a media statement on Monday.

“In terms of sectors, we expect banks to lead, given strong credit growth, improving asset quality and margin expansion, leading to an uplift in...(click on link for full story on