Quail farming takes flight in ECER

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BANDAR JENGKA: The integration of livestock in oil palm plantations is set to boost economic activity for oil palm farmers as part of the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) master plan. Quail breeders at Felda Jengka 15 in Pahang were increasing output to meet high domestic and export demand for quail meat and eggs, which has increased by 20% to 25% annually since 1995, said ECER secretariat in a statement yesterday. It added the Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) provided loans to help breeders begin farming of the game bird to supplement their income. Crude palm oil (CPO) prices had been hovering at below RM2,000 a tonne, down from a record high of RM4,486 per tonne in 2008 with industry players estimating the break-even point for smallholders at RM1,500 per tonne.