Pua says Najib did not address pertinent issues on federal govt's debt

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KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 10): DAP National Publicity Secretary Tony Pua has expressed his dissapointment on Budget 2015, claiming Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak did not address the pertinent issues of federal government’s debt.

Pua pointed out that the federal government’s debt was close to RM570 billion as of June 2014.

"All the debts that the government has racked up, through the state agencies, were during Najib's administration over the last five years, particularly 1MDB [1Malaysia Development Bhd] ," he told reporters after the Budget speech at Parliament today, citing 1MDB alone has racked up RM36 billion in debt during the period.

"We want to know how is that going to be dealt with, to ensure that the country's financial system is not going to be at risk," he said.

In an earlier statement, Pua noted the targeted budget deficit of 3% for 2015 is a “pretend” target by the government.

"This seemingly healthier figure masks the fact that much of the government-related expenditure today are actually carried out, outside the “framework” of the budget," he said.