Profiles: Creating products to address global issues

This article first appeared in Enterprise, The Edge Malaysia Weekly, on December 25, 2017 - December 31, 2017.
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Zazen Health Solutions Sdn Bhd uses deep technology to deal with health-related issues. Even while it was marketing its first product — a far infrared sauna, which it sold to individuals and spas — it was busy devising its second and more impactful product. Its scalar machine would be able to emit a zero-point field of 7.83Hz to heal illnesses caused by prolonged exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Chief operating officer Shashi Taran says many modern diseases have been attributed to EMF pollution, from sleep disorders and nervous complaints to cancer (from prolonged and intense exposure). In the normal course of things, the body goes into what is known as fight or flight mode when there is a perceived threat. When the threat has been removed, the body returns to the alpha state — roughly 7.83Hz — which is also the frequency emitted by natural environments such as forests so that they can rest and heal.

But the reality today is that because everyone is constantly exposed to high frequencies emitted by mobile phones and WiFi hotspots, people remain tense and keyed up long after the threat has been removed. This has led to a host of physical and psychological diseases.

So, Shashi was tasked by chairman Dhyan Vimal to come up with a product that would produce and project scalar waves or a zero-point field to help people return to a state of rest. “We were looking at something science and technology-based and non-invasive,” he says.

Being an engineer, Shashi knew that the famous physicist Nikola Tesla had invented something called the Mobius Coil, which produced a scalar wave. In a nutshell, when an electrical current flows through the wires in opposing directions, the opposing electromagnetic fields cancel each other out, creating a zero-point field.

Shashi took his time, experimenting with the Mobius Coil and coming up with a 1-core product (using just one Coil). Then he upped the number of coils to create a stronger field. He quickly discovered that using one coil per core was not the most efficient way of doing things. This method consumed a tremendous amount of power and as the number of “cores” in the product is increased to create a stronger and broader field, the machine becomes too large and unwieldy.

When Shashi got to the 100-core units, the power consumption for a single unit was about RM4 a day. Also, the frequencies emitted by these units were not precise enough. He was aiming for the earth frequency of 7.83Hz, but he could only narrow it down to the 7Hz to 10Hz band.

Despite these issues, the units were going out into the market and the company received some positive feedback on the effects from people with sleep disorders or children who are hyperactive or autistic. The company, and the chairman personally, kept pouring money into the development of the product.

Then, Zazen decided to come up with a truly powerful 300-core machine. This time, it looked for outside help with the development.

“We went to PlaTCOM Ventures, the government commercialisation agency under Agensi Inovasi Malaysia, and it gave us RM744,000 to do it. To begin with, we were using smaller coils with a lot of grids. With the 300-core, we incorporated nine coils into one big board and stacked 12 boards together,” says Shashi.

This combination increased the intensity of the field, but it was tricky to achieve. Eventually, with a lot of experimentation, the company succeeded. It brought down the number of coils needed, narrowed the frequency range to between 7.81Hz and 7.84Hz and reduced the power consumption to 12 sen a day — all huge leaps forward in the technology.

Yasotha Krishna, Zazen’s head of marketing and business development, points out that to get from the 100-core to the 300-core was a huge jump with regard to the engineering, components and aesthetics of the machine. “The whole thing was a quantum leap,” she says.

It took eight years to get the scalar machine to the point where it could be commercialised. Before that, the company introduced it on a very small scale, says Yasotha.

“I cannot say we actually went to market in the last eight years. We spent all that time in preparation to ensure that everything was in place before we went to market. The 300-core is the baby that actually took us overseas,” she adds.

Zazen had one major advantage. Vimal had founded an international network known as Friends to Mankind as well as the Dhyan Vimal Institute for Higher Learning. “These two networks helped us take the business international. Magnus Pari Bladh, who became our partner in Sweden, came to Malaysia for a programme, sat with the scalar machine and decided that he wanted it. He and his brother, Jorgen, bought a unit each,” says Yasotha.

“So, we went to Sweden last year and worked from Magnus’ office in the Stockholm city centre. We gave five presentations to small groups of people — maybe 10 to 15 — at his office. But they were all high-net-worth clients.”

Right now, the sales haven’t kicked in yet. “There are a lot of people doing the trials in Sweden. We still haven’t gone full scale yet. But next year, from March onwards, we plan to get an office space in Sweden and go full-on in marketing. We will do exhibitions, presentations, advertisements, roadshows, conferences … the works.”

Sweden, which has one of the highest penetrations of mobile phones in the world, had another advantage. It has already been studying the effects of EMF on humans.

Before they left for Sweden, Yasotha and Shashi watched YouTube videos of Professor Olle Johansson, a neuroscientist who had been studying the effects of EMF for the past 30 years. He works with the Karolinska Institute, which Yasotha says is one of the oldest and most reputable institutes in the world.

They managed to secure an interview with Prof Johansson to talk about what they were doing. But the first 15 minutes, says Yasotha, was “slaughter”. “Being a researcher, scientist and logician, he wanted to know what studies we had done and what papers we had written on the subject. We told him we were not doctors and did not claim to be anybody. But we had written down some of the observations of the people who had tried the scalar machine in Malaysia. Gradually, he calmed down and warmed up to us. Then he gave us ideas on how to do the case studies.”

Prof Johansson became sort of a godfather to the project and when he went overseas to give talks on the effects of EMF, he would mention that there is a company in Malaysia developing a machine that emits scalar waves. “From the time we met him last year, he has been sending us reports, journal articles, updates and encouragement. He has been studying this problem for a long time, but he never found anybody who came up with a possible solution. Wherever he travels (he was in Madrid last month and now he is in Brazil), he talks about us to the EMF fraternity,” says Yasotha.

Seeing the early signs of demand for its product in Sweden, Zazen has set up a company there — Zazen Health Solutions Europe AB. It is also working with someone in Zurich, Switzerland, and Vancouver, Canada, to sell its products in those markets.

“We got into Zurich and Vancouver through our global network of people. At this stage, we have just placed the scalar machine in these countries and we have someone stationed there who is responsible for it or has taken leadership to facilitate the movement of the machine,” says Yasotha.

“But from this point onwards, our job is to create the awareness, embark on the marketing and go out there and speak about it. That is the work we are undertaking in 2018.”

Why did Zazen go to Europe and North America before reaching out to our neighbours? “One, the channel is already available there. And two, they are more receptive to this kind of information because they are already aware of the dangers of EMF. I think in Asia, the hype is on advancement and technology and they forget about the implications of what the technology is doing to them,” says Yasotha.

When the company was applying for a patent for the product and did a global search, it discovered that the scalar wave was actually an invention. “Of course, the base — which is the Mobius Coil — was invented 100 years ago. But how we expanded on it was an invention,” says Shashi.

The two of them give credit to their chairman for pushing them to globalise the business when they were comfortable remaining in the Malaysian market. “We never thought we would be an international company. We had glimpses of the possibility, but he kind of made it a reality. We are just his right and left hand,” says Yasotha.