New national car must be discussed first at PH level, says Rafizi

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KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 6): Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice president Rafizi Ramli has called on the government to re-evaluate the proposal for the third national car project, and said the decision must be discussed first at the Pakatan Harapan (PH) level before being implemented through the Cabinet.

In a statement today, Rafizi said the matter should be discussed at the coalition's presidential council as it goes against PH's manifesto.

"While I appreciate the need for the Cabinet to make the decision, but decisions relating to policy matters must be refined in principle at the PH level before it can be implemented through the Cabinet," he added.

Rafizi pointed out that since Buku Jingga was written in 2010, the parties that have become the majority in the PH coalition (comprising PKR, DAP and the leaders who left PAS to form Amanah) have continuously expressed their intention to abolish the excise duty imposed on car sales because the car tax was viewed as very burdensome.

He added that the vision to lower car prices by eliminating excise taxes has not changed after PH was established.

Rafizi is of the opinion that establishing the third national car company will bring huge financial impact to the people.

"How much investments will be made using public funds? Which governing body will take the responsibility to undertake this project? Does the federal government intend to abolish excise taxes to reduce car prices, when the third national car launches?" he asked.

Rafizi also expressed his concerns over the government's insistence to go ahead with the project despite clear objection from the people.

"PH was chosen with the promise to lessen the burden of the rakyat. While the people may give you the opportunity for PH to implement its manifesto promises (although some can not be implemented within 100 days), carrying out something unpopular and contrary to what was offered by PH will invite cynical views from the people," he said.