Letter from The Edge Singapore editor: We are expanding our scope of reporting and analysis

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SINGAPORE (Oct 1): The first issue of The Edge Singapore was published on March 4, 2002. For most of the last 16½ years, we have dedicated ourselves to chronicling the markets’ twists and turns, tracking the performance of public-listed companies and piecing together information from the reticent people who run them.

In recent years, the prominent stories in our pages have included our detailed reporting of the penny stock manipulation and the 1Malaysia Development Bhd scandal. The reporting has been investor-oriented, and we have carved a niche for the weekly as required reading for people with a vested interest in the local stock market and financial services industry.

We are not abandoning that aspect of our work. Rather, we are expanding our scope of reporting and analysis to bring you news and views that reflect the opportunities and challenges of the day.

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