Kuala Lumpur 4th most affordable city for public transport

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Kuala Lumpur ranked 4th most affordable city for urban public transportation services. According to the GoEuro’s Urban Transit Price Index which surveyed 60 cities, a public transport ticket in Kuala Lumpur costs US$ 0.74 (RM2.44) on average per ride and a taxi journey costs US$3.68 (RM12.12) per 10km. If a person takes a ride with Uber, a ridesharing company using smartphone application to connect passengers, it costs US$5.05 (RM16.63) per 10km.

The average public transport ticket to travel within the most affordable city, New Delhi, India only costs US$0.22 (72 sen) per ride, with a taxi journey of US$2.62 (RM8.63) per 10km and an Uber journey of US$4.40 (RM14.50) per 10km. Mumbai and Jakarta were ranked second and third place respectively. Neighbouring countries such as Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and Singapore ranked 5th , 11th and 13th.

Meanwhile, the most expensive city for urban transport is Stockholm, Swedan with an average public transport cost of US$4.96 (RM16.34) per ride, a taxi journey of $40.04 (RM131.88) per 10km and an Uber journey of US$48.57 (RM159.98) per 10km.  

The index is compiled by GoEuro, a Berlin based travel search website, taking into account factors including distance, time and taxes from official provider sites.