Interpol, AirAsia I-Checkit collaboration sees results

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KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 5): AirAsia and Interpol, which had since June this year tested the I-Checkit system to track passengers using stolen and lost travel documents, have found it to yield positive results.

In a statement released from Monaco, AirAsia said the system used to screen passports of prospective passengers against information contained in the world police body Interpol's stolen and lost travel documents (SLTD) database had resulted in 55 positive matches.

After further examination by immigration authorities at the airports, AirAsia said 18 of those passengers were not allowed to board their flights.

AirAsia said it had reaffirmed its cooperation with Interpol to integrate the I-Checkit system. AirAsia noted that nearly six million of the budget airline's passengers were screened against the SLTD database since the start of the programme.

AirAsia’s Group CEO Tony Fernandes said: “We would like to thank Interpol for the privilege to work with them and for permitting AirAsia to pilot the I-Checkit system.

"It is a great product that facilitates our need of improved passenger security and assurance. We look forward to further collaborate with INTERPOL as we grow our network across various countries", he said.

Ronald K. Noble, secretary general of Interpol, said the I-Checkit system collaboration with AirAsia aimed to raise public awareness on the nature of organised crime.

Noble said the collaboration also hoped to drive a cross-sector response to the issues and support the global police community in making the world a safer place.

“The partnership, supported by the Malaysian Government, specifically the Ministry of Home Affairs, recognises the value of the cooperation within the framework that we have established with AirAsia,” Noble said.