Hong Leong Assurance launches HLA FiT 3 Medi-Income daily hospital cash

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KUALA LUMPUR (May 5): Hong Leong Assurance (HLA) has launched its innovative HLA FiT 3 Medi-Income, a medical plan that incorporates an end-to-end digitalised platform from e-enrolment and e-contract right up to after-sales service for a seamless user experience.

In a statement, HLA said signing up for the plan can be totally done online.

It said with a premium of just about RM1.85 a day, HLA FiT 3 Medi-Income offers financial protection solutions of great value to individuals by providing daily hospitalisation income of up to RM2,000 and a lump sum of RM30,000 in the event of death, total & permanent disability (TPD) or old age disablement (OAD).

HLA said the plan also comes with a complimentary Garmin fitness tracker and the HLA FiT app to empower policyholders to stay active while rewarding their healthy lifestyle.

The insurer said HLA FiT 3 Medi-Income has been designed to supplement one’s income with daily cash of RM200 if an individual is hospitalised for all causes, RM400 if admitted to the ICU, or RM2,000 for 18 specific conditions, namely angioplasty, carcinoma in situ, coronary artery bypass and heart valve surgery, to name a few.

HLA said this provides the individual a steady stream of income for a maximum of 730 days, even if the individual’s medical coverage is provided by his employer or by another medical plan.

In addition, this plan provides a lump sum payment of RM30,000 in the event of TPD, OAD or death.

HLA said even after claiming for TPD/OAD benefit, the policy still remains active so that an individual can continue enjoying daily hospitalisation income.

It said the plan is also automatically renewed for another 10 years without underwriting.

HLA said upon signing up for the plan, policyholders will receive a complimentary Garmin fitness tracker.

It said all the policyholders have to do is to download and activate the HLA FiT app, connect it to their Garmin and start keeping track of the Number of Steps Taken, Body Mass Index (BMI), Active Calories Burned, Resting Heart Rate and Sleep Hours.

HLA said that HLA FiT 3 Medi-Income falls under the Complimentary Dual Special Benefit Programme for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

It said at no extra cost, this special benefit of an additional RM10,000 death coverage for COVID-19 and up to 30 days of hospitalisation of RM200 per day (upon Confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis and placed under quarantine at any Ministry of Health’s designated hospitals) is given to customers who own an individual medical plan.

HLA said customers who have recently purchased its medical plans during the duration of the programme are also eligible, without a waiting period.

It said the programme duration is between Feb 28 – June 30, 2020.