Designer Platform: Massimo Latorraca

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Who: Massimo Latorraca heads the premium Italian faucet manufacturing company, La Torre, which traces its roots to the company his grandfather founded in 1921. Along with his sister Anna, Massimo has been with the company since graduating from university and was groomed by his late father, Giuseppe. Massimo oversees a small but dynamic company of about 80 people, and the company’s taps and mixers for the bathroom and kitchen are sold in over 40 countries. 

On what good design means to him, Massimo says, “Good design is the capacity to keep up with the trends but at the same time, give something new.” 

Aside from presenting a fresh aesthetic with each new collection, Massimo is proud of the fact that La Torre is the first Italian faucets manufacturer to have two international quality certifications, one for environmental management systems and the other for quality management systems. “We are a green company, but we don’t stop there. Our products are also green. We use the right materials — the brass we use is without lead,” he says. Moreover, all of La Torre’s production phases, including the chrome plating, do not have a negative impact on the environment. 

What: La Torre offers a wide selection of faucets for the kitchen, bathroom and bathtub, with designs that range from classic and ornate to minimalist and contemporary. The company is renowned for its outstanding finishing or surface treatment, including polished chrome, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. Says Massimo, “We are strongest in the surface treatment. Before, we had a department, but now, we have a separate company in the group dedicated to doing the finishing. We also serve other companies in Italy because we are very advanced in this.”

La Torre’s latest collection is Laghi, created by acclaimed Italian designer Marco Poletti. Sleek and proportionate, the taps feature two flat panes and are offered in a variety of finishes, including matt white and matt black, and dual tones, including one of polished chrome and matt white. Massimo says this collection is the most representative of the company. “In this collection is concentrated all our past experience, matching the knowledge and technology, and the best design. The partnership with Marco Poletti for us is like an arrival point. He is a designer who only cooperates with very high-end brands.”

Other noteworthy collections in La Torre’s stable include Woda, created by Paolo Schianchi. What stands out about the taps is the snout, which is curved at an angle right at the end. There’s also Taya, a collection of very slim, minimal pieces. Another is Konvex, a collection of faucets with concave bodies, and which is offered not only in polished chrome and brushed nickel finish, but also 24-carat gold. 

Says Massimo, “The knowledge and experience we have [gained over the years], we transfer to the product we create, which has the best design but at the most reasonable price available in Italy … It’s easy to produce high-standard products at extreme prices but we give the best solutions and the highest quality at reasonable prices.”

Where: La Torre faucets are available at Acolia Sdn Bhd, 21, Jalan BA 2/1, Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Angkat, Kajang. Call (03) 8733 1066 for more information. 


This article first appeared in The Edge haven, on Issue #70 December 2014 + January 2015.