BMW introduces 5-year unlimited mileage warranty with free service for all BMW vehicles


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KUALA LUMPUR (Jun 3): BMW Group Malaysia (BMW Malaysia) today introduced its five-year unlimited mileage warranty with free scheduled service for all BMW vehicles, including all BMW M models and the all-new BMW i8 registered from Jun 1, 2015.

“With the new ownership programme, our valued customers will be able to further enjoy the best-in-class service for their BMWs on top of an uncompromising driving experience,” BMW Malaysia managing director cum chief executive officer Alan Harris said in a statement today.

The warranty programme offers an extended coverage from the third ownership year onwards, where a manufacturer backed warranty will be offered up to the fifth year, with unlimited mileage.

By extension, the programme also includes free scheduled service and maintenance of up to 100,000 km.

“At BMW, we have always made it possible for our customers to rediscover driving pleasure; from fulfilling the highest design and dynamics standards to providing our customers here with the very best opportunities to enjoy the complete premium ownership experience of a BMW vehicle,” Harris said.

The scope of services made available with the new warranty programme is in accordance with the BMW Condition Based Service (CBS) status and includes a service vehicle check, engine oil service with oil filter and refill quantity, the statement read.

Components covered with the new service programme includes air filters, fuel filters, micro filters, spark plugs, and brake fluid. While components such as front and rear brakes, which includes discs and pad as well as windscreen wipers, are now excluded from the warranty and service programme.

BMW Malaysia said owners will be entitled to the warranty programme based on the scheduled service recommended by the manufacturer at any authorised BMW Dealers across the country.

“In the event that servicing has been carried out by a non-authorised workshop, BMW authorised dealers reserve the right to reject any claim where the cause of the defect is due to inadequate recommended servicing or the use of non-original parts,” it said.

Entitlement of these services assumes that the car has been driven properly and have been serviced as recommended by the manufacturer, it added.

“Any damage to the interior and exterior of the vehicle due to improper vehicle usage, or consumables, wear and tear parts including halogen bulbs and remote key batteries are not covered under this new warranty programme,” it said.