Apps: Get your questions answered — and more

This article first appeared in Personal Wealth, The Edge Malaysia Weekly, on June 19, 2017 - June 25, 2017.
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Although we live in the digital era, Google may not be able to answer all of our burning questions. The answers may not be applicable to our personal circumstances, where we live or our financial situation. 

To get direct answers from experts and earn money at the same time, individuals can now use PopDQ, a home-grown mobile app that aims to bridge the gap between the people asking questions and the experts, primarily in Malaysia and Singapore. 

PopDQ launched its beta version last November. It has a panel of professionals from various fields, such as business, finance, legal, nutrition, parenting and medical. Some of the local professionals include financial blogger KC Lau, venture capitalist Victor Chua, health and fitness trainer Kevin Zahri and model and entrepreneur Amber Chia. 

PopDQ uses a credit system. While some experts may provide answers for free, others charge a certain amount. All transactions are done in US dollars and range from US$0.99 to US$249.99, depending on whether the answers are in the form of text, voice or video. Users can buy credits using any of their App Store or Google Play payment methods. 

Upon receiving an answer,  PopDQ users are allowed to charge others to view the response. Their earnings will then be shared with the expert. When users have earned more than US$20, they can withdraw the money either via PayPal or bank transfer (with a withdrawal fee of US$1). 

Users who are experts in their fields can sign up as a verified expert by filling up a form describing their personal details, expertise and expected charges, after which they receive a verification call from PopDQ. 

The company is trying to get more international experts on board. Its panel of professionals already includes top US pastry chef Thiago Silva and Hollywood producer Teddy Zee. Users can download the app for free from Google Play or the App Store.