ADB urges greater ICT use to deliver affordable universal healthcare

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KUALA  LUMPUR (Dec 2): Information and communication technology (ICT) tools are crucial to helping Asian governments fast-track good-quality, affordable healthcare for all their citizens, according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

In a statement on its website Dec 2, ADB Senior Social Development Specialist Susann Roth said that better use of ICT means better data and systems that improve the quality of healthcare while reducing the costs.

“And ultimately, good health makes for improved lives and sustainable and inclusive growth,” said Roth.

The ADB aims to boost its annual financing of health-related projects to between US$400 million and US$750 million dollars a year by 2020, roughly doubling its health assistance of recent years.

ADB is also developing an Operational Plan for Health, with universal health coverage as the overarching goal. ICT will play a big role in the plan.