Supporting Malaysian Sports to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

Supporting Malaysian Sports to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle
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As a leading healthcare manufacturer, Top Glove firmly believes in the adage: 'A healthy mind in a healthy body'. 

The philosophy that physical health is an essential part of one's total wellbeing is embedded in the culture of the world's largest glove manufacturer through the Company's 5 Healthy Wells, that are Clean Well, Eat Well, Work Well, Exercise Well and Sleep Well.

The glovemaker's 22,000 employees are encouraged to practise 5 Healthy Wells to remain fit and contribute positively to themselves, their families, the community and the Company.

Top Glove Executive Director, Mr Lim Cheong Guan, says: "The benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle are well known. Towards this, Top Glove has put in place facilities and initiatives which encourage our diverse workforce to be active so as to maintain their health and wellbeing."

Top Glove has sponsored and organised health related activities over the years, including the White Cane programme for the blind community in 2019

Wellness for Employees

Top Glove fosters a health centric culture through several initiatives, including the annual provision of complimentary dental kits; daily subsidised healthy vegetarian meals since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic; free membership at Top Healthy Fitness (the Company's gym); subsidies for fitness classes and swimming lessons; and various regular sporting activities. Employees can also activate the BookDoc Activ corporate premium programme to redeem prizes for their daily steps. 

The Company practises wellness indicator monitoring on a quarterly basis, which acts as a reminder for employees to be mindful of their body weight. The Human Resource (HR) Corporate Health team conducts intensive weight management programmes for targeted employees to help them maintain a healthy weight and holds a yearly Staff Weight Challenger Award and Staff Gain It Right Award to reward those who manage to achieve significant weight improvement. It also organises many wellness communications such as talks, workshops and nutrition consultations throughout the year. 

Top Glove's efforts to help its employees stay active and healthy, earned the AIA Vitality Malaysia Healthiest Workplace Highly Commended Award in 2019 as well as second place under the Ruby category (large organisations) in the [email protected] Challenge 2021, organised by Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) and BookDoc.

Top Glove fosters a health centric culture through several initiatives, including free membership at the company gym and subsidised fitness classes (picture taken before the COVID19 pandemic)

Wellness for Malaysians

Top Glove is also keenly aware of its corporate responsibility to better the communities in which it operates.

Towards this, the Company has sponsored Malaysian sporting heroes such as Malaysian professional golfer Kelly Tan, national badminton players Soniia Cheah, Tan Wee Kiong and Goh V Shem, as well as the Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM) Football Club.

Aside from national sporting heroes, Top Glove has been sponsoring and organising various sports activities with the communities for several years. It has sports related programmes, such as badminton games, football and basketball friendly matches and walks, with educational institutions, the blind community and the communities in Meru, Klang and Banting. These programmes include sports tournaments with Tunku Abdul Rahman University College; the White Cane programme, a 3 kilometre walk at Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur, with members of the blind community; and friendly basketball matches.

To inspire Malaysians from all walks of life, Top Glove has supported several sporting heroes, including the country's national badminton players

Inspiration for All

Lim adds: "Good physical health positively impacts our overall wellbeing and enhances our personal growth and ability to build closer relationships with our family, friends and the community. By supporting our workforce, local sporting heroes and local communities in this regard, we hope to inspire others to lead a more active lifestyle; this is part of our commitment to do well by doing good."

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