Preparing Our Children For An Uncertain Future

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If 2020 has taught us anything, it's the importance of reflection. Enforced control movement orders have enabled us to take a moment to pause and (re)consider what is important. For many parents and educators, we have realised the importance of resilience and flexibility, of communication and collaboration, of empathy and humanity. 

And with statistics stating that 65% of primary students will go on to work in jobs that have not yet been created, it is more striking than ever that we need to work hard to ensure we prepare our young people for an increasingly uncertain future.

At Garden International School, we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure our students fulfil their potential and are ready for their journey beyond school. We aim to open doors, to build bridges, to create opportunities. Our THRIVE Programme is designed to do just this. 

One of a kind in the region, THRIVE is a professional internship programme for our Sixth Form students, to ensure that they are afforded the unique opportunity to gain real world knowledge, skills and experience in their chosen field. By spending four weeks within a partner organisation, our dedicated, talented students are exposed to life beyond the classroom, gaining hands-on experience, whilst offering a fresh perspective to their host organisation, as they collaborate and problem-solve with experienced industry professionals.

Over the past two years, 25 companies have hosted our Year 12 students, offering them a unique experience by partnering with us in this professional internship programme. As more students seek to extend their experiences, and develop those skills that we know are essential for the future, we are looking for more organizations to partner with us.

If you believe in the importance of nurturing talent and ensuring that our future generations are well equipped for the ever-changing and uncertain future ahead, then why not partner with us and offer these students the chance to THRIVE?

Learn more about how you can get involved.

At Garden International School, every student's backpack is filled with unlimited potential. Packed with the right combination of knowledge, skills, character and confidence, our students are fully prepared for the journey ahead. #PackedForLife

Together we will ensure our future generations THRIVE.