Now you can celebrate a new chapter together with Astro

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As we continue to overcome these trying times, we stay committed to lifting your spirits with engaging content this Eid.

We have put together over 270 incredible programmes across our TV, radio and digital platforms to keep you entertained throughout Syawal.

From gripping dramas like 'Hati Yang Dikhianati' to thrilling reality shows such as 'All Together Now Malaysia', there is no shortage of entertainment this festive season.

Enjoy variety for the family with favourites such as 'Gegar Vaganza Raya'. Keep kids engaged on Astro Cerio with 'Kisah Omar & Hana 2'.

Fans of film can look forward to exciting local and international titles including 'Syif Malam Raya', 'Jebat' and 'How to Train Your Dragon'.

Tune into 'Sepahtu Reunion Raya Muzikal' and 'Betul Ke Bohong Kuasa Dua' featuring Sherry Al Hadad on Astro Warna HD to brighten up your day with comedy.

All of these and more are available on Astro GO. No matter where you choose to celebrate this festive season, you can have over 60,000 programmes in your pocket for instant entertainment.

Our Raya TVC has always been one of the main highlights for the festive celebration.

We are continuing that tradition this year with 'Singkap Sebalik Tingkap', a captivating story that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

With more in store for you in the coming months, let's celebrate new beginnings the way we have persevered through the challenging months behind us - together.