WSJ says it will continue to report on 1MDB 'in the same responsible manner'

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(Aug 17): The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) said it will continue to cover the 1Malaysia Development Bhd story "as we have and in the same responsible manner".

In a short statement released tonight, WSJ said: "The Wall Street Journal has a longstanding tradition of tough, ethical and fair journalism with high standards that have been the newspaper’s hallmark for over a century.

"The many investigations and other activity pertaining to 1Malaysia Development Berhad are the subject of legitimate public interest and serious journalistic scrutiny. Given that, we will continue to cover the story as we have and in the same responsible manner. As always, we are open to talking with anyone who has questions, especially significant figures in ongoing news stories."

WSJ released the statement in response to a statement issued by a spokesman for Jho Low earlier today which hit out at an even earlier WSJ report that Jho Low was being given refuge by China.

"Today’s Wall Street Journal article was obviously planted there by the Mahathir regime, working with these reporters towards a common goal: The Wall Street Journal reporters have a book coming out next month that they are trying to sell, while Dr Mahathir is intent on advancing his own corrupt political agenda by assigning guilt without any form of legal process. So much for the rule of law.
"This has been a case of trial-by-media from the start, fuelled by leaks from prosecutors and government officials who have little interest in the truth. For the Wall Street Journal, it is a gross breach of journalistic ethics. There is a clear conflict of interest in allowing reporters with a financial interest in a particular narrative to report on these matters. Any facts that get in the way of the themes of their upcoming book are ignored, while any source — no matter how self-interested — who advances their storyline is believed," the Jho Low statement read.

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