Workers to pay RM50 for on-site vaccination after malls agree to subsidise costs

Workers to pay RM50 for on-site vaccination after malls agree to subsidise costs
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KUALA LUMPUR (June 2): The Malaysia Shopping Malls Association (PPK) says workers are expected to pay a reduced charge of RM50 for on-site Covid-19 vaccinations, after malls agreed to subsidise the costs of the exercise.

“Our association members estimated that the cost of providing the venue, logistics, manpower, standby ambulance service etc for the on-site vaccination centre will amount to RM100 to RM150 per person, depending on the volume and total number of doses available each day, the total population to be vaccinated and the duration to complete all the doses," PPK said in a statement.
“It was decided that the malls shall largely subsidise these costs and be allowed to charge merely RM10 per dose (RM20 per participant) to partially defray their expenses and as a commitment by the registrar so as to mitigate absenteeism," it added.

However, the association said Protect Health Corporation Sdn Bhd, which will provide the medical staff for the exercise, will charge participants an additional RM15 to administer each dose (RM30 per participant), bringing the total charge per participant to RM50.

Noting the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry's recent statement on the vaccination exercise for 500,000 employees in the retail industry, PPK said it lauds the government's move to target relevant economic sectors to accelerate the vaccination programme.

"Shopping malls together with all retail tenants’ staff are effectively frontliners and we feel that it is imperative for the vaccination exercise to be implemented expeditiously. When vaccinated, our frontliners will not only protect themselves but more importantly, duly protect the shoppers and the public," it said.

PPK said the initiative has garnered an enthusiastic response from its members and retailers, with more than 50 malls expressing interest to host vaccination centres nationwide.

“It is definitely an invaluable contribution towards our industry’s ongoing nationwide combat against the pandemic, in collaboration with the authorities.

“Details of this programme and the confirmed locations are being finalised and will be announced, once approved in due course, and we do look forward to the roll-out by the end of June 2021 onwards as scheduled,” said PPK.

S Kanagaraju