'Umno wants components parties to do well'

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Last Updated: 11:53am, Dec 06, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 6): Umno is adamant to see its components parties do well in winning back the votes from their respective voters in an effort to come back big in the next general election.

Umno Parit Sulong delegate, Datuk Zulkurnain Kamisan said this today and urged members to shoulder the responsibility of neutralising the situation that exist now instead of just waiting for component parties to settle the matter.

“We need to shoulder the responsibility of neutralising the situation that is happening now. Waiting for them (components) but they still fail.

“What are the mistakes of our comrades?” said Zulkurnain.

He urged Barisan Nasional (BN) not to let the matter escalate and to make an effort to win back the Chinese voters for the coalition.

Despite BN given the mandate again in GE13, its component members in particular MCA performed dismally, as the component only manage to win seven of 37 parliamentary seats contested and 11 of 90 state seats.

“What we want is to be sincere and just to the party’s struggle that is shouldered by the party’s leaders. Be sincere to the Malays, give the due returns and cooperation to our struggle. That is all.

“Umno also do not want in the next GE14 these parties (component parties) will continue to disappear from the political arena just because they couldn’t win back their voters,” he said.

He also stressed that he does not wish to see their component comrades to turn into DAP and PKR because they want to be heroes that tries to threaten the Malay rights.

Zulkurnain declared and promised that Umno Johor will ensure that this matter will not occur and hoped that the other component parties to settle any problems, especially within their parties first.

“Dear component comrades, settle immediately all the problems that exist including internal problems.

“Together we will ensure that in the 14th General Election, Barisan Nasional will win fashionably with more than 2/3,” he said.

He believed Umno should be made as an example within the coalition because of the party’s improved performance in the last election and urged its comrades to emulate the performance too.

In the last general election, Umno managed to increase its seats to 88 from the previous 79 won in the last 12th general election.

Through exemplary leadership to win back the hearts of voters was not only for the leaders themselves, but extend to the family members too said Zulkurnain.

He said even family members actions reflect on the coalition, therefore advised delegates to be wary to not be considered a liability.

“It is alright if we don’t help. But, don’t be a liability to Umno,” he said.

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