Typhoon Lingling approaches S Korea — weather agency

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SEOUL (Sept 6): A powerful typhoon is quickly moving upward to South Korea, with strong winds and heavy rain expected to pound the country soon, Yonhap news agency reported, quoting South Korea’s weather agency on Friday.

Typhoon Lingling, this year's 13th typhoon, passed seas northwest of Okinawa, Japan, at a speed of 20-30 kph at 7am, according to the Korea Meteorological Association.

The weather agency warned that the wind speed may peak at 55 meters per second, or 200 kph, in some island areas.

At the current speed, the typhoon is expected to reach seas 150 kilometers southwest of Jeju by 3am on Saturday and to seas 140 km southwest of Seoul by 3pm the same day.

It is then forecast to hit the North Korean province of Hwanghae at 7pm as it picks up speed, according to the weather agency.

South Korea is bracing for the powerful typhoon, with a preliminary typhoon warning issued across the country.

"Record-breaking winds will be seen at islands and southern and western coastal areas," the weather agency said, advising local governments and residents to take precautionary measures. — Bernama