TM discussing with stakeholders to address Streamyx concerns

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KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 21): Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) has initiated discussions with major stakeholders as it works on a definitive solution to deliver better broadband experience nationwide.

TM said in a statement today it aims to deliver better broadband experience nationwide by exploring various fit-for-purpose technologies.

"TM today reiterated its support of the Government's aspirations of improving the reach and experience of broadband services in Malaysia, and its commitment to address the issues faced by Streamyx and its loyal customers in a more comprehensive manner.

"In July, TM announced its upgrade plans for Streamyx (pre-unifi) customers to unifi in coverage areas or double the speed for those in non-coverage areas. The upgrade will enable its existing broadband customers to experience faster speeds at their existing package price. Following the announcement, TM has received many enquiries and much feedback from customers who are eager to know whether they are eligible for the speed upgrade. TM is grateful for the feedback given and is working hard to realise the broadband aspirations," TM said.

According to TM, the group has been investing in its fibre and copper network over the years to deliver broadband with wider nationwide coverage. The copper network is a legacy network and has always faced many challenges, mainly technological limitations, TM said.

"This requires a longer-term and more permanent solution, which will take time to implement. Through its Broadband Improvement Plan which began in 2016, TM has been working hard to enhance the experience of both unifi and Streamyx customers, concurrently. Understandably, it has been easier to execute the unifi speed upgrades, which are served by fibre. TM is now giving specific focus to Streamyx and high-rise broadband customers served through its own or the buildings' copper networks," TM said.