Tencent Cloud and US-based Serverless, Inc team up to create next generation, serverless cloud

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KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 7): Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd and US-based Serverless, Inc have entered a partnership to combine the resources and expertise of Tencent, and the serverless experience and open-source savvy of the team behind the popular Serverless Framework project.

In a joint statement today, Serverless/PaaS/Devops general manager at Tencent Cloud, Yunong Xiao, said software is eating the world and unfortunately, most businesses still cannot deliver software successfully, much less do so at the pace needed to stay competitive.

“For those who wish to keep up, let alone lead, software delivery and operation must be radically simplified.

“The next generation, serverless cloud we are building with Serverless, Inc will bring this kind of radical simplification,” he said.

Xiao explained serverless architectures are built on next-generation public cloud services like Tencent Serverless Cloud Functions, that auto-scale and charge only when used.

“When scale, capacity planning & cost management are automated, the result is software that's easier to build, maintain and often up to 99% cheaper,” he said.

Meanwhile, Serverless, Inc founder and chief executive officer Austen Collins said serverless architectures also require a shift in how organizations think and work.

“Our goal at Serverless Inc, working together with partners like Tencent Cloud, is to give developers, teams and organizations, all of the tools they need to build and operate serverless applications, in one simple, powerful & elegant experience,” Collins said.

As a first step in their collaboration, Serverless, Inc and Tencent Cloud announced today the availability of three open-source, serverless framework projects that make it easy to deploy three of the most common serverless use cases onto the Tencent Cloud: REST APIs, static websites, and Express.js apps.

The firms said as the partnership progresses, both Serverless, Inc and Tencent will invest resources in the joint development of support for additional serverless use cases, as well as tight integration between Serverless Framework Pro and Tencent Cloud, to enable full lifecycle management of serverless applications on Tencent Cloud.