Tawar cluster leads charge with 12 new infections today

Tawar cluster leads charge with 12 new infections today
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KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 16): The Tawar cluster in Kedah leads the charge with 12 new Covid-19 infections today, followed by the Sala cluster with three cases and the Muda cluster with one.

Of the 19 active clusters in the country, these three clusters are the only ones to register new cases today.

In a statement, Ministry of Health director-general (D-G) Datuk Noor Hisham Abdullah said as a result of today’s new cases, positive cases from the Tawar cluster now stand at 33 cases.

“As of 12pm on Aug 15, 2020, as many as 657 individuals from this cluster have been screened,” he said.

In Kedah, some 520 people have been tested. Thirty of them have tested positive for Covid-19, while 472 are negative and 18 people are waiting for their results.

As for Penang, 129 people have been tested; three of them are positive while 119 are negative and seven are still awaiting their results.

Moving down to Perak, eight people have been tested and are waiting for their results.

For the Sala cluster in Yan, Kedah, the health D-G said 80 close contacts have been tested as of today. Four of them are positive for Covid-19 while 76 are waiting for their results.

He noted that all the cases in this cluster are Malaysians, and active case detection is continuing and containment measures, such as disinfection and cleaning processes, have been conducted at known locations. The source of infection for this cluster is currently unknown.

Upon registering one new case today, the total number of cases in the Muda cluster is now three. A total of 133 individuals from this cluster have been tested. Three of them have tested positive, 27 are negative, and 103 are still waiting for their results.

Malaysia recorded 26 new cases today, up from 20 cases yesterday. Active cases now stand at 219. No deaths were recorded, and three Covid-19 patients were discharged today. 

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