SPAN denies increase in water tariff

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KUALA LUMPUR (April 25): National Water Services Commission (SPAN) chairman Charles Anthony Santiago today denied having issued a statement on a rise in water tariff exceeding RM10 up to RM15 as reported in a local Chinese language daily today.

Charles said in his media statement that during the interview session, he totally did not mention any percentage or the increase in price.

He said that he only shared information on the public consultation being held on the process.

"In the interview, I only shared information on four issues, namely water saving, the mechanism on fixing the water tariff, water management was a joint responsibility of everyone, and the policy on preventing bribery in order to reduce water tariff,”he said.

Charles, who is the Member of Parliament for Klang, also corrected the news report that the last time that the State of Pahang increased the water tariff was 36 years ago and not 38 years as reported.

He added that even he did not have the authority to make any announcement on the increase in water tariff as the matter rested within the power of the Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources Dr A. Xavier Jayakumar.