Singapore enjoys decent quality of life as one of the world's safest cities. What's the downside?

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SINGAPORE (May 23): Does higher spending power necessarily bring about an improved quality of life? Based on cities’ performances on the indices of Deutsche Bank’s annual survey of global prices and living standards, these two separate priorities can vary greatly from city to city, and very rarely balance out.  

According to Deutsche’s latest report, Mapping the World’s Prices 2018, Singapore has climbed 16 ranks to No. 25 on its Quality-of-Life Indices, which is calculated by aggregating various underlying sub-indices such as consumer purchasing power (purchasing power index or PPI) and traffic congestion and commute times (traffic commute time index).

Out of the 50 cities analysed by Deutsche, Singapore ranks second on the Safety sub-index, but falls far behind its peers at No. 45 in terms of climate... (Click here to read the full story)