Samy Vellu's mistress seeks RM20m, court declaration over their 'union'

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KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 12): The purported mistress to former MIC president Tun S Samy Vellu (pictured) wants the Ipoh High Court to declare that she has been in a quasi-spousal union with the former long-time Works Minister and had been engaged in an ala-matrimonial relationship since Aug 23, 1981.

Besides this, Meeriam Rosaline a/p Edward Paul is also seeking for Samy Vellu and his son Datuk Seri S Vell Paari to pay unpaid living costs to her amounting to RM191,107.35, which she claimed was owed to her when it was cut off since July last year.

She also wants a court order for her to be allowed to see the former minister.

Following that, she is also seeking a one-off payment of RM20 million as lifetime living costs, besides a monthly stipend of RM25,000.

Meeriam is also seeking a declaration that she had been cared for and supported by Samy Vellu for close to 40 years, an injunction against Vell Paari or his agents where she was prevented from seeing the former senior minister, and an injunction to prevent Vell Paari a control of his father's finances resulting in payment to her being stopped.

The 59-year-old woman claimed that Samy Vellu had loved her during their 38-year relationship, and they had frequently travelled across London, Paris, Germany, Switzerland, United States and Singapore over those years.

Meeriam claimed they had a matrimonial situation where she acted as a wife to Samy Vellu, and on instructions from the former minister, she had stopped working since 1993 at a government hospital in Perak.

She further claimed that Samy Vellu gave her a driver and bought a separate house for her in Ipoh. In 2005, the former minister built a bungalow for her. She claimed that throughout her relationship with Samy Vellu, she was allowed access to contact and meet the former minister without any restrictions.

However, Meeriam claimed that of late she had been threatened by Samy Vellu's wife Toh Puan Indrani as well as prevented by her from seeing the former minister. She further claimed that the monthly funds were also limitedly paid by Vell Paari.

For this reason, she filed this originating summons at the Ipoh High Court on Aug 15 this year.

A copy of the summons, in which Meeriam named Vell Paari and Samy Vellu as respondents in the action, was sighted by through a file search today.

It was previously reported on Monday that Vell Paari filed an originating summons on his father for the court to determine if Samy Vellu is a mentally disordered person and whether the former senior minister can give instruction to his solicitors, and when he could be incapable.

The legal application filed by Vell Paari is also aimed at discovering the properties owned by Samy Vellu and also highlighted the legal action by Meeriam.

Vell Paari in a statement issued on Monday said the application is filed to protect his father's interests.

Meanwhile, at the Ipoh High Court today, Vell Paari and Samy's application for a stay of this proceeding pending the disposal of Vell Paari's originating summons involving his father came up before Justice Datuk Hashim Hamzah.

However, Justice Hashim does not want to hear the application for stay today and fixed Jan 17 to hear the application.

Meeriam was represented by lawyer Ramesh Sivakumar today.