Review of civil servants' allowances is subject to Government's financial position

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PUTRAJAYA (Aug 7): Reviews on regional housing allowance (EPW) and regional incentive allowance (BIW) and other public sector allowances are being done from time to time, the Public Service Department (PSD) said.

However, the feasibility of the review is subject to the Government's current financial position, said PSD in a statement today.

"PSD would like to clarify that the Government is always concerned about the welfare of civil servants through the provision of allowances that will help ease their cost of living expenses," said the statement.

The PSD was responding to an issue raised two days ago by the Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs), which wanted the EPW and BIW to be revised due to the rising cost of living.

It noted that the EPW grant given to the officer who was transferred is housing assistance with a fixed rate based on the average market according to a location approved by the Finance and Property Services Department (JPPH) of the Finance Ministry.

The PSD said the eligibility determination of EPW rates was based on the city or area where the office is located.

"For example, an officer in Grade N19 Administrative Assistant in Kuching and who was transferred to Putrajaya, the officer will receive an EPW of RM500 compared with the RM300 rate of ITP (Housing Allowances) enjoyed while working in Kuching," said the statement.

As for the BIW, the PSD said it would help the switching officers to reduce their cost of living and also be enjoyed by officials from Sabah and Sarawak, who served in their respective territories.

The statement said the BIW was paid based on a certain percentage between 12.5 and 22.5 percent based on the salary of an officer in line with the needs and welfare of the officer.

"For example, a Grade N19 Administrative Assistant who receives a salary of RM1,952 per month will receive BIW at 20 percent of his total salary.

"However, when the employee's salary increases to RM2,252, they will receive BIW at 17.5 percent of the total salary," it said.