Questions on SingHealth breach remain despite Parliament Q&A

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SINGAPORE (Aug 13): Parliament resumed sitting on Aug 6 and, unsurprisingly, members were brimming with queries about last month’s SingHealth data breach. Nineteen questions from both sides of the bench were tabled to the ministers of health, and communications and information, Gan Kim Yong and S Iswaran, respectively. The ministers provided lengthy, prepared oral responses but gave scant details on some important questions.

MPs wanted to know whether the SingHealth breach was an isolated incident and who the perpetrators were; what the Ministry of Health (MOH) was going to do to prevent future attacks; the impact on the Smart Nation and Digital Government initiatives; and how the government planned to restore public confidence in the initiatives after the most recent cyberattack.

One opposition MP asked if the government was going to bear responsibility for any stolen identity crime committed as a result of the breach. Another asked Gan to elaborate why there was a significant delay in informing the public of the attack after it was discovered... (Click here to read the full story)