Quaint finds: Tsen Creative Home

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1st Floor, Ikano Power Centre 
2 Jalan PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara 
47800 Petaling Jaya 
Tel: (03) 7733 5088 
Website: www.tsen.com.my


TSEN Creative Home is a family-owned company that opened its doors six months ago. Named after the owner, the store is located strategically next to Harvey Norman in Ikano Power Centre, making it easy to spot as soon as you get off the escalator. 

Tsen Creative Home’s owners, who have been operating a lighting business for the past 20 years, were inspired by Laura Ashley’s home interior concept. So, they decided to bring in a similar brand, which is how Creative Co-op came into the picture. 

Creative Co-op is a leading American lifestyle company that stocks home furnishings and accessories. All its products are manufactured in China but designed by American interior designers. Having been in business in the US for four years now, the retailer aims to provide its customers with timeless designs at affordable prices. 

Creative Co-op has won a number of prestigious awards in the US, including the ARTS Award for top American Home Accents Manufacturer and the Retailer Excellence Award for Manufacturer of the Year. With over 12,000 stores in the US alone, Creative Co-op seems to have found the magic formula for providing much-loved products for the home. 

Items are displayed in its stores in the US for a year before coming to Tsen Creative Home, whose manager Rebecca Sang says, “Our concept is, the more the better. We want our customers to see that there are many things on offer in this shop.”

She is eager to highlight how the company is constantly adding new products to the store and with the huge choices available, there will always be something for everyone. The store currently offers interior design advice to customers and also participates in interior design projects for show houses. 


The store is an explosion of furniture and home accessories. You are greeted at the entrance with a varied assortment of home items in a myriad of colours. With its relaxed styling and cosy atmosphere, Tsen Creative Home gives customers a casual vibe. Sang believes the number of products on display in the store is a key attraction for many curious customers.  

There is a subtle touch of Americana in the store with a US map hanging on one of the walls and a US Route 66 sign that is perfect for those who want a hint of nostalgia in their homes. The store also has a comforting atmosphere, as though you are wandering through a cosy home. 

“We don’t have a specific target market as people from all walks of life love our store,” Sang says. It is easy to see why as there definitely seems to be something for everyone in the store, whether you are a young urbanite about to move into your new home or a retired couple looking to redecorate your place. 


The products here can be described as “retro but with a modern touch”.  Offering a wide range of home products, from sofas and cushions to wall art and decorative accessories, Tsen Creative Home changes its products every season to make way for new designs. The versatility of the products available makes it easy for customers to mix and match items according to what is suitable for their homes. 

Creative Co-Op works with a number of top American designers to design its collections every season. With studios in Portland and Shenzhen in China, the team carefully designs products that can be easily adapted to any home. 

Mini-accessories such as decorative birds and frogs have proved to be a hit with customers who are looking for quirky items to decorate their home. The cabinets and consoles are also a popular pick for those looking to accessorise their storage space. 

Tsen Creative Home has monthly promotions for all products available in the store and there is no doubt customers will be able to find something unique to suit their tastes. 


Pink upholstered armchair (RM2437.00)



Stainless steel trunk set of 2 (RM2778.00)



Dolomite photo frame (individual price of the set)  (RM30.00 each)


Zoe letter cabinet with 12 drawers (RM6245.00)


Metal & pine mannequin with wire wings (RM1680.00)




MDF license plate USA map (RM609.00)


This article first appeared in The Edge haven, on Issue #71 February 2015 + March 2015.