O’ Christmas tree

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Nothing indicates that “Christmas is here!” better than a well-decked out Christmas tree. But what if  it is too expensive to get a Christmas tree and decorating it is too much work? So if you don’t have your tree up yet, you might want to get creative and make this 2D version of a tree, using washi tape and a budget of RM10. Sara Khong, founder of home lifestyle magazine JewelPie.com shares the trick — that can be accomplished in about 10 minutes — exclusively with The Edge Financial Daily’s readers.


Washi tape
Coloured paper
A pair of scissors
Measuring tape

1. Create the tree ‘bark’
Cut the washi tape and create an open rectangle without a top. Start with a vertical line at the bottom (13cm). Then add two horizontal lines (20cm) by the side.


2. Create a triangle as the shape of a tree
Now you will want to create a triangle that will make the main part of the tree. Create a horizontal line (51cm) that will cover the tree bark. Mark the top of the tree. This is the line where two tapes (104cm each) should converge.


3. Top the tree with a star
Cut coloured paper into a star and paste it on top of your tree with a washi tape


4. Decorate your tree
Leave it bare or create ornaments using washi tape. Maybe a zig zag pattern!


Side notes
Washi tape can be bought in art stores or bookstores. The tape (15mm x 10m) that Khong used cost RM9.80.

What is washi tape?
Originating from Japan, washi tape is similar to masking tape and is made of natural fibre like bark of trees, bamboo or hemp. It comes in different patterns and widths. The best part about washi tape is that it can be removed from the wall anytime!


This article first appeared in The Edge Financial Daily, on December 23, 2014.