Musk Tweets Tesla Will Make Over 500,000 Cars in 12 Months

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(April 15): Elon Musk, already in hot water with securities regulators over his Twitter use, said in a tweet that Tesla Inc. would make over 500,000 cars in the next 12 months.

The forecast, made as part of a seemingly innocuous aside in a discussion about the future value of Tesla vehicles, nonetheless comes as Musk’s lawyers are negotiating with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission lawyers about whether the chief executive officer violated a settlement intended to put controls in place relating to his tweets. U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan on April 4 told the two sides to rework the language so there won’t be any ambiguity on what Musk is allowed to post to his 25.6 million Twitter followers.

In an April 3 statement, Tesla reiterated its forecast for as many as 400,000 vehicle deliveries in calendar year 2019. - Bloomberg