Mohamad Hasan outlines strategy to rejuvenate UMNO

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SEREMBAN (Dec 31): UMNO acting president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan has outlined a  five-pronged strategy to rejuvenate the party to continue its active participation in the country’s political arena.

In a post on his Facebook account, he said the strategy comprised nurturing a Malaysian democratic system through principled leadership as an opposition political party; raising UMNO’s credibility as a respected opposition political party; combating money politics; turning ideas into political capital and reviewing the Malay Agenda, he said.

“UMNO must, for the moment, put aside its desire to return to power. We now only have one choice, which is to help the Malays regain their confidence to be the vessel for politics, charity and service for the benefit of the Malays.

“We will not engage in talks to seek a backdoor entrance to assume power or hijack the outcome of the last general election. UMNO will not betray Malaysians who have chosen a new government,” he said.

He said UMNO would also stand firm in fighting money politics which was not only a factor for the party’s defeat but also made the people weak and drained their resilience.

“My friends and I in the party will clean it up thoroughly. Anyone who does not want to be in this battle can move elsewhere where you can get what you are hoping for.

“The new UMNO is only for those who are clean and who will fight for and loves his/her race. We will terminate money politics before it exterminates UMNO,” he said.

Mohamad also stressed that it would take time to rejuvenate UMNO as there was no easy and clear way of doing it in the fast-changing Malaysian and global political dynamics.

“As such, I am asking all UMNO members and friends to be ready for the difficult and winding road ahead.

“We will face together whatever lies ahead, with integrity and responsibility. Only, do not expect instant success, but be assured that with patience and strength, the outcome will be a happy one,” he said.