MCA to work out 'kinks' on issues surrounding party's assets

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Last Updated: 7:04pm, Jan 02, 2014

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 2): The MCA is still figuring out the kinks in forming a central board of trustee to manage the party's assets.

After the first central committee meeting held at the Wisma MCA today, its president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai confirmed that the party would set up a central board to manage the assets.

The setting up of a trustee to manage party asset was one of the reforms listed in Liow's presidential election manifesto.

This was following complaints from party members who are unhappy with former president Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek's management style.

"In the CC today, I mentioned about party asset management, we are looking at how to form the central board of trustee, we need more details, need a lot of input and we need a lot of teamwork.

"All this takes time, it cannot be done in a short period," he said.

It was reported that during the Annual General Meeting held on Dec 22, business tycoon and MCA Parit Sulong central delegate Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew had suggested that the party top leader to declare the party's assets before stepping down.

It was estimated that MCA acquired RM2bil worth of party assets.

In the meantime, in order to meet the nine strategies listed in his manifesto, Liow said MCA also sets up eight committees, 13 bureaus, two special task forces and the Chief-of-Staff post in the President's Office.

To draft the direction and details of the party's reform, Liow said MCA will also hold a forum on MCA Reform Blueprint to be attended by all the Central Committee Members.

The forum is aimed to get input from the CC members on party reforms and set the Key Performance Index (KPI) for all the committees to carry out their work.

Liow said the KPI was to ensure the internal implementation and external meeting of the committees would be carried out regularly, especially to build a close relationship between the government agencies, Chinese community and non-governmental organisations.

Also, the committee would collect the views of the public on national issues and come up with strategies to monitor the relevant fields.

These committes includes: Political Development Committee, Education Comsultative Committee, GE 14 Preparatory Committee, Chinese Guilds & NGO Affairs Committee, Strategic Planning& Research Committee, Economic Consultative Committee, Social Development Committee and Organisational Restructuring Committee.

Liow said that the party would set up the MCA centre in every division to start preparing for the 14th General Election."We will not wait until GE to set up our operation centres." Liow said.

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