Malaysians believe in traditional media more than online sources – study

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KUALA LUMPUR (July 10): Malaysians are more likely to believe in traditional media such as newspapers, television, and radio rather than online news sources, based on a recent study.

They also believe more in news and information received from personal acquaintances over other sources, says Ipsos, an international research company which conducted polls at the national and global from Jan 25 to Feb 8.

"Malaysians' trust in newspapers and magazines increased from 21% five years ago to 25% now, while the people's confidence in television and radio increased from 24% to 28% during the same period," according to the findings released in a statement here, today.

The survey also found that confidence in online websites and online news platforms for the nation also increased by 4% from 8% to 12% for the same period.

However, surveys conducted among those below 74 in 27 countries, on the other hand, found that at the global-level, trust in traditional media had declined during the same period due to the prevalence of false news reporting and suspicion over the agenda or intentions media outlets.

"As many as 79% of Malaysians consider newspapers and magazines to have good intentions compared to the global-level of only 50%, while 77% of Malaysians believe in news obtained from television and radio compared to 52% globally.

"In India, Peru, Sweden, Germany and Malaysia, respondents have more trust in public broadcasters,” added the statement.