Malaysia Internet bandwidth consumption more than doubles in 1H2014

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KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 11): The agggregated Internet bandwidth consumption in Malaysia increased by 105% to a total amount of 306,970 Mbps, according to teh Malaysian Internet Exchange (MyIX)

“In comparison, the total 12 months Internet bandwidth consumption in 2013 stood at 349,277 Mbps,” said its chairmain Chiew Kok Hin.

In a statement Tuesday, Chiew said Malaysia’s Internet bandwidth consumption in June 2014 stood at 61,771 Mbps, as compared to just 26,032 Mbps in June 2013.

He said that June 2014 was the month of the highest Internet bandwidth consumption in Malaysia.

“As technology gets more advanced, we are seeing more and more content rich sites which have emerged, that requires higher broadband capacities to carry across the type of bandwidth-hungry applications to the consumer,” said Chiew.

Chiew said that in terms of MyIX’s peering partners, Hutchison Global Communications Limited, Swiftserve Pte Ltd and Telstra Malaysia Sdn Bhd had recently signed on to be connected, or ‘peer’ locally with the Malaysian Internet Exchange.

He explained that the increase in smartphone users, together with the huge advent of social media had played a big role in the dramatic increase of Internet bandwidth consumption  in Malaysia over the last two years.

“We are seeing an increasing number of Malaysians making purchases online in both local and international sites. At the same time, most businesses already have some form of online presence and are conducting transactions in voluminous daily amounts.

“The country’s domestic market demands are also attracting foreign e-commerce traffic as they vie for the increasing appetite for online purchases amongst Malaysians,” he said.