Less than 1% of Qatar Airways passengers contracted Covid-19 during flights, says CEO

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DOHA (Oct 22): Significantly less than 1% of more than 4.6 million passengers who have flown Qatar Airways aircraft since February 2020 have become infected with COVID-19 afterwards, reported Sputnik news agency.

"The latest statistics have shown that with the right measures, including good hygiene on board and at airports, as well as social distancing, testing, air travel cannot be a source of concern for passengers," the airline's CEO Akbar Al Baker told reporters.

"The number of people infected with coronavirus during flights since February, among more than 4.6 million passengers, is very small. More than 99.988% reached, on over 37,000 flights, their destination healthy," he said.

The world's leading airline Qatar Airways has continued to fly to multiple destinations during the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, it operates flights to 100 destinations.