Leaked examination papers, an indicator that cheating is perfectly fine?

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LEAKED test papers for a Year 6 examination must be a new low in Malaysia.

In times past, including a case last year, the leaks were either for SPM or STPM examinations but now, even primary school children are not spared such an incident.

Yesterday, the Education Ministry moved the Science paper test to September 30 because of a leak that was provided through social media. Today, the ministry said those who sat the English paper will also have to re-sit the paper as it was also leaked.

Are there any more papers that have been leaked for the Year 6 examination that tests nearly 500,000 across Malaysia?

And is this another indicator of Malaysia, where the moral compass has gone awry and where parents of even the young don't understand between right and wrong?

Why would anyone want to buy examination answers for their 12-year-old child? Is passing an examination more important than the lessons learnt in school?

Are we teaching children that it is perfectly fine to cheat at examinations just so that they can get ahead of their peers in life? Won't this be the new culture that they will take with them through their school life?

Cheating at any level is wrong, be it for a primary school examination or even at secondary and tertiary level. What more in life.

This year's leaks tell us that some people don't think so. They think they can get away with it because it is easily done and it is just an examination for 12-year-olds.

They are wrong.

It is this kind of cheating that leads to corruption, one of Malaysia's biggest banes and one reason why there is so little trust in the authorities these days. But this kind of cheating will create a bigger trust deficit.

In future, no one will trust any school or university certificate or degree because cheating and examination paper leaks have spread to the most basic level of examinations – the UPSR.

Is it too late to nip this in the bud if it has reached the UPSR? Do we still know right from wrong? Can we go back to a time where at least examination papers are taken seriously and not just a commodity that can be bought or sold?

The nub of the matter is simple. It is not just Putrajaya that must take action but all of us, because our future generation depends on us sticking to the straight and narrow.