Island entertainment

Imaginarium makes a fun-filled visit for both children and adults.

One of the many interactive attractions in store for visitors.

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This article first appeared in The Edge Financial Daily, on December 20, 2016.


LANGKAWI has always been a destination of choice for families on holiday, with its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. With the opening of Imaginarium, parents now have a great option to entertain children of all ages when they are tired of the beach and the sea, or to productively fill time if it rains.

Designed to stretch the imagination of both children and adults alike, Imaginarium is an augmented reality-themed attraction which also uses virtual reality (VR) technology for a full immersive experience for all visitors of all age groups. Set to be one of Langkawi’s top attractions, Imaginarium is located in front of Langkawi Skycab which is already a popular place to visit on the island.

Sean Tan, director of Imaginarium Langkawi, said: “We are very excited to be the first to bring this augmented

reality-driven edutainment concept to Malaysia. Technology is often blamed for disconnecting people in today’s world. Through our new Imaginarium, we want to showcase how the right technology and design can actually help families and people to connect and become closer. We plan to refresh the attractions on an ongoing basis by introducing new technology as it arises. We are also planning to open another similar theme park in the Klang Valley soon.”

The interactive experience is divided into five different time zones — the Jurassic Age, Year 1980, Year 2020, Year 3300 and a ‘Lost in Time: Year X’ segment. Families with young children will be glad to know that they can create, colour and scan their original drawings at the Rainbow Alive exhibit in Kiddotown where their artwork can come alive in animated 3D on an impressive 30ft screen.

Imaginarium also features the Skyride VR exhibit which takes visitors on an in-depth tour of Langkawi using VR simulation technology. Skyride VR explores breathtaking parts of the island that are not even accessible to helicopters, while educating visitors on the island’s many interesting myths and legends.

This unique attraction is the pioneer of a new breed of digital attractions in Malaysia, offering an experience that remains new to many. As one of the pioneering digital attractions in Malaysia, Imaginarium promises to offer something for everyone, young and old.

Entrance fees are RM20 for MyKad holders and RM25 for international visitors. Imaginarium is open from 9am to 7pm daily. Find out more at