Investigation paper on TNB's overcharged bills with AGC

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BANGI (July 23): The probe into Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB)’s alleged violation of the Energy Commission standard for service levels has been completed, with the investigation paper (IP) sent to the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) for feedback.

Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin told reporters that the IP was completed two weeks following consumers’ complaints over the sharp rise in their electricity bills.

She earlier launched the Low Carbon Cities 2030 Challenge at Greentech Malaysia here.

Last May, a number of consumers vented their anger on TNB after their bills showed an extraordinary increase as compared to the amount they usually pay.

Assuring those affected, Yeo was reported to have said TNB would be penalised as it had committed an offence under the Electricity Supply Act 1990.

TNB on May 31 admitted that there was a technical hitch in the billing system resulting in the excessive charges.

On the penalty, Yeo said the ministry wanted a large fine.

“We’ll see how it goes,” she added.

On the Low Carbon Cities 2030 Challenge, the minister said it targeted to establish and designate 200 low carbon zones across the country by 2030 and at least 1,000 low carbon cities partners working together towards a low carbon future.

She said the goal of the challenge was to reduce the overall emissions from Malaysia cities by 45% by 2030.

Yeo said the low carbon zones would have reduced emissions from energy and water consumption from  buildings and common areas, reduced emissions from petrol and diesel private vehicle use, and reduced emissions from the generation of waste that end up in landfills.

Those who succeed in the challenge would be awarded a diamond recognition by the ministry and would have the opportunity to participate in various low carbon programmes, she said.