Indonesia President Joko Widodo declares victory in presidential race

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JAKARTA (April 18): Indonesian President Joko Widodo declared victory on Thursday in the race to lead the world's third-largest democracy, saying unofficial results showed his ticket had got 54% of the popular vote in Wednesday's election.

Widodo ran with Islamic cleric Ma'ruf Amin against former military general Prabowo Subianto, who secured 45% of votes, according to unofficial "quick counts" of sample votes by private pollsters.

"We must wait for the official result. But 12 pollsters have given clear results... we convey that the Jokowi-Maruf ticket got 54.5% of the vote while Prabowo got 45.5%," Widodo told a news conference in south Jakarta.

Prabowo has also claimed victory, citing internal polls as showing he won 62% of the vote.

The General Election Commission's website put him at about 45% early on Thursday based on results from 808 of more than 800,000 polling stations.