Hindraf says sorry to the Indians

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Last Updated: 1:54pm, Feb 17, 2014

PETALING JAYA (Feb 17): Hindraf chairman, P. Waytha Moorthy today apologised to the Indian community here for not being able to fulfil the socio-economic reform programmes promised under the MoU signed with the Government. In his first official statement a week after his resignation from all government posts, he said prior to the last GE, Hindraf had called on the community to vote for BN and they responded - rendering BN a narrow victory. "After the GE, now ten months after ... Hindraf is unable to fulfil any of the pledges made to the Indians during the election.  We know this will be disappointing to many of the poor people who had trusted us and voted for the BN hoping for positive changes in their lives if BN won," he said in a statement. He said Hindraf entered into the MoU with the government among others with the sincere and earnest hope that Hindraf could bring changes to the lives of the Indian poor who have allegedly suffered for generations. "At that time we thought we would be able to carry out the various socio-economic programmes as we will be mandated to carry out those programmes with the necessary budget and unit. "I take full ownership for this failure to deliver our pledges. For the last eight months I had tried patiently to roll out the programmes agreed to in the MoU, but we have been unable to move even on one of the items. "I make no excuses for our failure and apologise to the Indians on behalf of Hindraf," he added.

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