Here's why Boardroom could soon be singing a sweet tune

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SINGAPORE (July 20): Corporate and advisory services provider Boardroom has an opportunity to expand into new market segments and acquire new customers, according to group CEO Kim Teo.

The group this week signed a deal to grow its presence in Malaysia, splashing out RM164.1 million, or S$55.6 million, to acquire three companies: Symphony Corporatehouse, Symphony Share Registrars, and Malaysian Issuing House.

“What Symphony does basically dovetails into what we do,” says Teo. For instance, the Symphony group’s registry business has many mid- to large-cap companies among its clients. Boardroom, which only started registry operations about four years ago, has mostly small-cap companies. “Therefore, the combining of the entities allows us to serve the large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap space,” he says... (Click here to read the full story)