Haziq's contract ended effective Tuesday — Ministry

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KUALA LUMPUR (June 20): The Primary Industries Ministry has terminated the contract of service of its Deputy Minister’s Senior Private Secretary Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz effective last Tuesday.

The Ministry, in a statement, today announced that the move was taken following an admission of a sordid nature was made in social media, by way of a video clip posted by Haziq on June 12.

"The Ministry views this as a very serious violation of its values, ethics and the Code of Conduct, Public Officers Regulations.

"The Ministry promptly issued Haziq a show cause letter which had been responded to. In this regard, the Ministry proceeded to terminate his contract of service effective June 18, 2019," said the statement.

With the ending of his contract, the Ministry completely disassociated itself with Haziq, the statement said.

The Ministry also categorically asserted that it would never tolerate such scandalous behaviour amongst any of its staff members which brings the Ministry into disrepute and odium.