Governments play critical role in data protection, says RSA chief

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SINGAPORE (July 16): The use of biometric authentication, or identifying individual users via facial and thumbprint recognition, has helped alleviate organisations’ headache of verifying identities.

But it is important to note the context in which biometrics is used, according to Zulfikar Ramzan, chief technology officer of cyber security company RSA.

“For certain context, biometrics are reasonable, [such as when] the transaction or activity isn’t in a high-risk type of situation,” Ramzan tells The Edge Singapore. “[But] for other scenarios where it is high-risk or you’re accessing assets you want to protect, you want to use something beyond biometrics — something in conjunction with biometrics that is more appropriate for that situation.”

For example, Ramzan highlights that banks assume that the user’s password is not secure. Instead, they look at...(click on link for full story on