Global social media giants now peered to Malaysia’s JBIX

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KUALA LUMPUR (May 2): Global social media giants Facebook, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Akamai, Cloudflare and Valve Software have peered with Malaysia’s Johor Bahru Internet Exchange (JBIX).

In a statement April 30, Extreme Broadband managing director and JBIX chief peering officer Weng Yew Wong said Malaysians are top consumers of social media.

He said as of 2018, there were 22.4 million Malaysian users on Facebook alone.

“Google on the other hand is used by 98% of Malaysians as their preferred choice of search engine.

“Having both these top consumer favourites on board JBIX will attract regional ISP to join JBIX hence creating a connectivity ecosystem that will enhance the Internet experience for the regional audiences,” he said.

Additionally, Thailand based ISPs, JasTel Network Co. Ltd. and Advanced Wireless Network Co. Ltd have also joined JBIX.

"Indochina traffic is growing at nearly 100 percent annually. Traffic is approaching 3Tbps. JBIX allows regional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to offload content without crossing the Singapore border hence reducing transit costs; making JBIX an alternative transit point for regional ISPs." he adds.

"JBIX open door policy will ultimately lead to JBIX and Malaysia becoming the new hub for content players looking to extend their reach in the region faster and in a more cost effective manner," said Weng.

Weng added that one of the key services that was attracting global and regional players to peer to JBIX is their Causeway Connect Managed dark fiber offerings that connects Malaysia to Singapore.

"Unlike traditional bandwidth providers who charge by bandwidth usage, JBIX participants can opt for the dark fiber service which allows unlimited capacity over a pair of fiber.

“This is especially essential for content providers who need to build a cost effective, scalable Point of Presence node in Malaysia. They can use the dark fiber service to push unlimited stream of content to users in the Malaysia.

“With 5G in its testing period across the region, content players can start planning ahead to the expected increase in demand for more content,” he said.

Weng said that leveraging on the Causeway-Connect, OTT players are able to establish an extremely cost-effective content distribution node in Malaysia.

“Using JBIX, the OTT player will be able to setup peering with regional providers, allowing them to distribute content with ease and efficiency," Weng explains.

Weng said there are now have 34 companies peered to JBIX including Akamai, Cloudfare, Exabytes, Shinjiru, Hitachi Sunway DC and Monash University Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

“Our goals to provide equal peering opportunities for all businesses with or without an ISP licence is gradually gaining interest. We look forward to attracting more industries from across the region," he said.