Global semicon equipment sales to hit US$38b this year, reach US$44b in 2015, says SEMI

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KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 3): Global sales of new semiconductor manufacturing equipment is forecast to increase 19.3% to US$38.0 billion in 2014, according to the US-based Semiconductor Equipment Materials International (SEMI).

In a statememt on its website Dec 2, SEMI said that in 2015, strong positive growth was expected to continue, resulting in a global market increase of 15.2% before moderating in 2016.

The SEMI year-end forecast predicts that wafer processing equipment, the largest product segment by dollar value, was anticipated to increase 17.8% in 2014 to total US$29.9 billion.

SEMI’s forecast predicts that the market for assembly and packaging equipment would increase by 30.6% to US$3 billion in 2014.

It said the market for semiconductor test equipment was forecast to increase by 26.5%, reaching US$3.4 billion this year.

SEMI said the “Other Front End” category (fab facilities, mask/reticle, and wafer manufacturing equipment) was expected to increase 14.8% in 2014.

“For 2014, Taiwan, North America, and South Korea remain the largest spending regions. 

“In terms of percentage growth, SEMI forecasts that in 2015, Europe will reach equipment sales of US$3.9 billion (47.9% increase over 2014), Taiwan will reach US$12.3 billion (28.1% increase), and South Korea sales will hit US$8.0 billion (25% increase),” it said.